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ฉบับภาษาไทย, Core Awareness (English)

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Special November Class Series
Awaken deeper awareness of your body’s Core through the practice of Yin Yoga

4 Saturdays (4, 11, 18, 25 Nov 2017) from 1:30-3:00 PM
(Suitable for all levels)

  • Non-Members: 2,800 baht/4 classes or 750 b/class
  • Current Member: only 1,200 b/4 classes or 350 b/class
  • Unlimited or Weekend Members: FREE!!

“Core” is a word mentioned in most of activities related to physical movements, sports, exercise, fitness, weight training, pilates, and Yoga.

When people talk about the “core” they likely think of beautiful abs. Indeed many who exercise aim to flatten their abdomen to get those 6-pack muscles. But are those famous abs the true “core” of the body?

In this 4-week special Class Series, I would like to share with you a deeper view of this “core”, one that you can experience by yourself through practice. This “core” is not just a physical thing but, in my view, works hand-in-hand with mindful breathing.

Through Yin Yoga, you will learn that you can have another beautiful and gentle practice option to develop core awareness. In this style of practice, slow and sturdy movements, with longer holding times in the pose, will allow the body to relax, and at the same time, to naturally imprint the positive energy of information into the body’s memory.  It’s an easy way for you, the practitioner, to bring the practice off the mat and into your everyday life.

Yin Yoga has many layers (like layers of an onion) and is suitable for all levels of practitioners, especially those 40 years and older, for whom the goal of physical exercise should be to nourish, maintain, and preserve the life energy for the body and soul, in order to age gracefully.

Course Curriculum:

1st Saturday – November 4, 2017: “Let Go of What Need Not Be Kept”

The body has memory. This body has been through space and time and along the way gathered all type of information, good or bad.

Sometimes this information is kept deeply and unable to be released easily. It’s important to bring the body and mind into a relaxed state before putting in new information (the same way we must empty the cup before pouring in new water) In this first session, I will share with you some easy movements and postures that will help your body and mind come to a calm relaxed state. The Yin postures in this session will be focused on releasing tension and stress in the hip, sacrum, and feet.

2nd Saturday – November 11, 2017: “Learning to Ground”

In this second session we will explore on something deeper, more sturdy and solid. You will learn about grounding and experiencing the ground reaction forces working back into your body. Slowly and naturally you, the practitioner, will feel and connect with the core of your body.

3rd Saturday – November 18, 2017: “Holding In Stillness”

Holding in stillness is the key toward freedom. If your body is the earth element, then this process of holding in stillness is like those months and months of the gardener nourishing the soil, knowing that sooner or later, the fruits will sprout. You, the practitioner, will see the relationship of the Yin energy getting strong enough then slowly converting into Yang energy.  Both energies help connect the core from the feet up into the highest part of the body.

4th Saturday – November 25, 2017: “Into Relaxation”

Practicing being in stillness is not as easy as it seems, but through understanding, it will not be too difficult either.  After all the work of Grounding and Holding, your body will reach a point where it is ready to come into Relaxation, which is the key practice of Yin Yoga.  Coming along with this principle is the realization of “Core Awareness”, which will happen naturally and gently.

You will experience that movements, both physical and mental, are derived from the process of mindfulness and understanding (instead of reaction), which will help reduce traumatic injury from exercise / walking / running, in your everyday life.

About the Teacher, Kru Taew Pattamarat – Yin Yoga Expert 

2017 Yin Yoga Teacher Retreat, Jogyagarta Indonesia
2016 Meridian Immersion 
2016 Yin Yoga Teacher Retreat, Batam Indonesia
2016 TTC Yin Yoga 2nd module with Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier
2016 TTC Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, It’s Yoga Satellite, Thailand by Kru Joy & Kru Ricardo
2015 Basic Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50 Hrs.) 
2015 Basic Immersion 
2014 TTC Yin Yoga 1st module with Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier
2012 TTC Hatha Vinyasa Yoga at FIT by Kru Jimmy, Yuttana Polcharoen

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